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by Farnoosh

Free your mind, lib‚Äčerate your life


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EFT or Tapping for stress relief

Posted on March 21, 2017 at 1:23 PM Comments comments (370)

EFT or Tapping is a simple yet a powerful tool and I think we can all use it in our life. It's going to be a really powerful process that I know you're going to love.
This might be your first experience with tapping or you might already have been using it for sometimes.
 No matter where you are on your journey you can experience
some stress relief using tapping . It's important to first recognize how we experience stress.
Stress isn't something that simply happens in our mind, we experience it with our whole body. It may appear as a pressure in your chest, a knot in your stomach, a pain in your back, or some tightness in your body. Because we feel stress, and emotions, with our whole body it is really important that we use a tool that incorporates the mind and the body to experience the most relief. That is why I love tapping.
Studies have shown again and again that when you tap cortisol, known as the stress hormone, lowers drastically, So your Immune system get a chance to heal the body.
  Tapping is always the most effective when you use your own words for the best results.  begin by tapping on the points while expressing how you may be feeling. When  going to give a voice to that stress, to that frustration, and to that overwhelm.
As you give a voice to these feelings, and you stimulate these acupressure points (go to the page for EFT and you can see a picture that shows the acupressure points), you are sending a calming
signal to the brain, letting the brain know that even with these thoughts, it's safe to relax. And when we can think of a stressful thought in a relaxed state, that thought doesn't have the same power over you and it becomes easy to let it go and have a more empowering experience. 
As the intensity of the stress begins to lower, you can begin to bring in more positive statements as you tap. So you're going to be
begin with the setup statement which is, 'Even though I feel this stress, I accept myself and how I feel.' By simply starting off by accepting where you are, you help neutralize any judgements you have about the problem you have and it allows you to have a real, honest conversation about how you're feeling.
Before you begin, I want you to check in with how the stress is showing up in your body.
You might even want to close your eyes and just check in, notice where you feel the stress. It might appear as tightness or pain.
Notice where it is in your body, and I want you to give it a number from zero to ten, ten being incredible tight, really intense, even painful, zero being nothing at all. Notice how the stress shows up in your body. Got it, now I want you to think
about what exactly is causing you stress in your life. This can be something big or small, like stress from buying house, or stress about paying off a loan, stress about having to give a presentation, or even stress and overwhelm about reaching a goal, about making a life change. Just notice what comes to mind when you think about your stress, and again you want to measure that. So from a scale from zero to ten notice how intense that stress feels. Got it? You're doing great so far.
I want you by taking three calming breaths. inhale, and exhale. Feeling centered and ready, inhale, and exhale. Last time, inhale and exhale. Now, let's tap on the karate chop point Side ofyour Hand and say Even though I am feeling this stress
I accept myself and how I feel
Even though I am feeling this stress in my body
I accept myself and how I feel
Even though I am feeling overwhelmed
I accept myself and how I feel
Great, you're going to tap on the rest of the points while simply giving a voice to how you're feeling. So tapping on your eyebrow point.
Eyebrow All of this stress in my life
Side of Eye All of this stress in my body
Under Eye There is no way for me to relax
Under Nose There is so much on my plate
Under Mouth All of this stress in my life
Collarbone All of this stress in my body
Under arm All of this tightness in my body
Top of Head I notice how this stress is showing up
EB All of this stress
SE These feelings of overwhelm
UE I have been fighting them for so long
UN And I now allow myself to give them a voice
UM It's safe to an honest conversation
CB With my body and my mind
UA I'm feeling this stress because I'm scared
TH Scared I can't get everything done
EB Scared I'll make a mistake
SE Scared I won't find a resolution
UE Part of me believes I can't relax
UN Until I have all of the answers
UM Part of me beliefs I can't relax
CB Until everything is fixed
UA I honor how hard this has been
TH I give my feelings a voice
Now, as you continue tapping, I want you to get specific. So finish the end of my
sentence as you tap. So back on the eyebrow.
EB I feel stressed because -
(Say it out loud. Why do you feel stressed? Allow yourself to give it a voice)
SE I feel overwhelmed because -
(Again, just say it out loud, give it a voice)
UE I feel stressed because -
(Letting it out of our system. Say it again)
UN I feel overwhelmed because -
(Now keep repeating after me)
UM All of this stress in my body
CB My mind is feeling overwhelmed
UA I have been trying to panic my way towards a solution
TH I have been feeling overwhelmed because I want all of the answers now
EB Part of me believes
SE I can't relax until I fix this problem
UE I have been trying to panic my way
UN To a solution
UM And it hasn't been working
CB And I am tired
UA This stress feels so familiar to me
TH But I am open to another way
EB I am open to a new way of thinking
SE Even though I don't have all the answers yet
UE I give myself permission to relax
UN Even though I want many things to change
UM I give myself permission to feel good now
CB I recognize all of the pressure I have been putting on myself
UA And I give myself permission to let it go
TH It is safe for me to let it go, and to trust
EB I have been through so much
SE Right now and right here
UE I am okay
UN Right now and right here
UM I recognize how far I've come
CB I can desire more, and still relax
UA I can desire change, and still relax
TH As I release the need to know all of the answers
EB I allow my path to unfold
SE I am exactly where I am meant to be
UE And my future is bright
UN I allow my mind and my body to relax
UM Breathing in peace
CB And exhaling what I no longer need
UA I choose to feel grounded and centered
TH I choose to feel calm and confident
EB I am open to new ideas
SE I begin to take it one step at a time
UE I take it one calming breath at a time
UN Feeling calm and centered
UM I allow myself to feel good
CB This is the beginning of something wonderful
UA Feeling relaxed and hopeful
TH In my mind, body, and spirit
Take a deep breath in, exhale. Amazing , amazing job. You did it!
Now just check in with yourself. Check in with your body and check in with that old stress. How does your body feel? Notice if that number has gone down and also check in with that event. When you think about that specific event does it feel as overwhelming? Notice the number now and even if it went down one point, that is amazing. With just a few minutes of tapping, you experience a shift.

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